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Consulting Services

No business can survive without taking advantage of the best information available. Unfortunately in this day of so many options businesses can rarely afford to research all the possibilities. That's where we come in. We can sift through the options and come up with practical answers to your business technology needs.

We offer expertise in:


  • Accounting

  • Inventory Control

  • Telephony

  • Point of Sales Systems

  • Web Site creation and e-commerce

  • Security and Premise Access Systems

  • PC Support and Replacement

  • Networking
    and much much more.

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JG Online Backup


JG Business Services My Secure Backup

Online Backup System

JG My Secure Online backup system provides the ultimate in data protection for your business.


· Totally automated. No human intervention required
· Backups are made nightly
· Software can be loaded on as many PC as needed
· Data is available 24 hours a day and accessible on the internet
· Data is stored encrypted at all times
· Storage is in multiple off-site data centers
· Pay for only what you use, No commitment
· Cost is only $5.00 plus .30 per gigabyte storage fee per month.
For example, if you needed to back up 20 gigabytes. Your charges would be"

Monthly base charge
20 Gigabytes X 30 cents $6.00
Total $11.00
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For more information please contact JG Business Services at:
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Email Marketing

Sign Up at:  http://www.getresponse.com/index/jgitta

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers.

Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices and established relationships with major Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers, GetResponse prides itself on the highest possible email deliverability to ensure that your messages get through to your prospective customers. GetResponse has established relations with all the major ISPs and Email Service Providers to ensure undisrupted email deliverability for our customers. We deliver over 5 billion messages each year from 172 countries.

GetResponse is fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists alike (1+ million subscribers).

GetResponse in highlights:
- Over 100,000 active accounts
- FREE version available
- Deliverability of up to 68% higher than our competitors
- Unlimited autoresponders, follow-ups, campaigns, lists, messages
- Powerful, automatic message personalization
- Smart tracking features
- Built-in anti-spam filters

What benefits does it bring?
- Catches lost sales and jolts your leads into profitable action
- Boosts your lead generation and business-building results
- Chops away tedious and repetitious email marketing tasks

When you join GetResponse, you will be supported every step of the way on your path to successful email marketing by our excellent customer support and materials (context help, user guides, FAQs and video tutorials).

You will benefit from industry-leading email deliverability which we consistently maintain through our solid relationships with ISPs, our proactive delivery initiatives and our strong anti-spam commitment.

Become a GetResponse customer today and find out how you can instantly get tangible, measurable results without wasting your time or investing a lot of money.

Sign Up at:  http://www.getresponse.com/index/jgitta


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